[3CE] Multi Eye Color Palette - 8.1g #All-Nighter

[3CE] Multi Eye Color Palette - 8.1g #All-Nighter

[3CE] Multi Eye Color Palette - 8.1g #All-Nighter

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[3CE] Multi Eye Color Palette - 8.1g #All-Nighter

Multi Eye Color Palette #All-Nighter

'Product Description

Delicate colors reminiscent of a secret blend into any makeup look,
leaving a warm and intimate impression tat stays embedded in the mind.
A special recipe you can't help but love, gentler and softer than ever.

With wide range of shades from subtle and natural to bold and intense,
this blendable patette helps execute a variety of eye makeup looks.
Subtle and mature pinkish brown shades gracefully illuminate your eyes,
whilethe deeper, wicher shades create a powerfil and alluring look.

Seamless sebum control
Plant-derived efficiently absorbs oil on your eyelids, leaving a crease-,
fallout-,and clump-free finish that adheres seamlessly into the skin.

Glittery color payoff
Synthetic pearl mica pigments create sharper color payoff with more intense shimmer.

A harmonious spectrum of colors
Nine shades blend effortllessly with one another, adding extra dimension
with each layer and completing a classy, luxurious eye look.

Pure, Translucent color payoff
Without any typical stuffiness that comes from powder,
this eyeshadow imparts translucent and buildable color, leaving your eyes looking fresh and clear.

'How to use

Apply a small amount around the eyes and gently blend the color in.

'Capacity - 8.1g

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