(LABONITA) Pure Lemon Cleansing Balm - 90g

(LABONITA) Pure Lemon Cleansing Balm - 90g

(LABONITA) Pure Lemon Cleansing Balm - 90g

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(LABONITA) Pure Lemon Cleansing Balm - 90g

Pure Lemon Cleanisng Balm

'Product Description

Brightening cleansing balm with lemon oil

Soft sherbet balm texture cleanly and deeply cleanses not only base makeup but also point makeups on eye and lips.

The balm-type lemon oil tightly sticks to excess waste and sebum
and thoroughly cleanses deep into the pores through a gentle emulsification process.

'How to use

It melts gently by skin heat, sticks to the applied area,
and does not flow down, enabling effective adhesion and deep cleansing.
After application, massage it with your hands to convert it into an oil formulation.
Make-up, surplus sebum, and wastes react with the oil.
Massage again with little water during the emulsification process,
melted makeup, excess sebum, and wastes are soaked and then washed clean.
Please wash your face thoroughly with running lukewarm water!
You can feel the comfortable and moist finish.

'Capacity - 90g

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