[LANEIGE_SP] Good Care Kit - 1Pack (4items)

[LANEIGE_SP] Good Care Kit - 1Pack (4items)

[LANEIGE_SP] Good Care Kit - 1Pack (4items)

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[LANEIGE_SP] Good Care Kit - 1Pack (4items)

Good Care Kit

'Product Description

Multi Deep Clean Cleanser
This deep-cleaning cleanser contains cellulose beads to gently remove dead skin cells
for a refreshed feeling and no tightness on the skin.
Blueberry extract and papain enzyme help skin feel healthy and supple.
As an added benefit, palm oil works to lightly remove remaining makeup.

Radian-C Cream
Innovative vitamin cream correcting from visible dark spots to non-visible,
micro-dark spots with powerful Radian-C Super Blend™ to present a clear, bright and radiant complexion

Cream Skin Refiner
Intensive moisturizing toner embodying nutrition of cream.
Cream Blending Technology melts cream in toner to make the skin moist from the first step of skincare.
White Leaf Tea Water, rich in amino acid strengthens the rough skin barrier.
Combining the deep moisturizing & sustainability of the cream and fresh texture & high absorption,
this Cream Skin Refiner deeply moisturize the skin with fresh and fast absorbing formula.

'How to use

Multi Deep Clean Cleanser
Use every day to remove impurities and brighten skin.
Massage desired amount onto wet face. Rinse with warm water.

Radian-C Cream
Take an adequate amount and apply evenly along the skin texture and gently pat for absorption.

Cream Skin Refiner
Apply a suitable amount on entire face and gently pat for better absorption.

'Capacity - Multi Deep Clean Cleanser 30ml
Radian-C Cream 7ml
Cream Skin Refiner 15ml x 2ea

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