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[SEWHA] Hello Foot Bebe Grip Glass - 1ea

Hello Foot Bebe Grip Glass'Product DescriptionGently rubs the thick dead skin cells to make it smooth.A quick and easy glass foot file without damaging your skin.It removes only the stratum corneum without damaging the skin with eco-friendly special ..


[UGARDEN] Air Mask Plus - 1Pack (30pcs)

Air Mask Plus'Product DescriptionMade in Korea* Triple structural mask* Adult size: 175mm X 95mm'How to useWear the mask so that the outer wrinkles face down.'Capacity - 30pcs..


[WELLDERMA] Face Lifting Pad - 1ea Sale
79% off
79% off

[WELLDERMA] Face Lifting Pad - 1ea

Face Lifting Pad'Product DescriptionRevived V line reiliently with 2 Way massageIt gives a delicate lifting massage in every corner of face without blind spot caused from face flexionAcupressure pad and rolling ball gently stimulate thin and sensitiv..


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