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(PARNELL) Cicamanu Body Mist - 150ml Sale
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8% off

(PARNELL) Cicamanu Body Mist - 150ml

Cicamanu Body Mist'Product DescriptionpH balanced body mist of pH 5.0-6.0 that's good for your skin.Be ensured till the end with spray renewal.Contains 89% of centella leaf extract.'How to useAfter showering, spray evenly on irritated areas of dry sk..


(SO NATURAL) So' Vegan Noni Ampoule Body Oil - 140ml Sale
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33% off

(SO NATURAL) So' Vegan Noni Ampoule Body Oil - 140ml

So' Vegan Noni Ampoule Body Oil'Product DescriptionContains noni nutrition as it is to give dry skin elastic and soft care.Vegan ampoule body oil that gives moist and shiny body all year round.Prevents moisture evaporation and adds oil's moisture to ..


(VELLA) Neck Patch Prestige Wrinkle Killer - 1Pack (5g x 5ea) Sale
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71% off

(VELLA) Neck Patch Prestige Wrinkle Killer - 1Pack (5g x 5ea)

Neck Patch Prestige Wrinkle Killer'Product DescriptionNeck wrinkle special care. The hydrogel coated water-soluble patch that covers the entire neck completely absorbs the active ingredients to experience a resilient neck line.Contains SYN®-AKE, bee ..


[ANJO] Aqua Plus Cool - 120ml Sale
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72% off

[ANJO] Aqua Plus Cool - 120ml

Aqua Plus Cool'Product DescriptionWhen you exercise or move a lot and receive a lot of stress, fatigue substances such as lactic acid accumulate and your muscels become tired.Cooling down helps to reduce the excitement caused by such exercise and, fu..


[ANJO] Professional Noni Therapy Body Lotion - 750ml

Professional Noni Therapy Body Lotion'Product DescriptionIt is a body lotion that maintains fresh and moist skin by forming a silky moisture barrier with betaine and vegetable ingredients, which are moisturizing ingredients, while noni extract makes ..


[ATOPALM] Maternity Care Stretch Mark Cream - 150ml Sale
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37% off

[ATOPALM] Maternity Care Stretch Mark Cream - 150ml

Maternity Care Stretch Mark Cream'Product DescriptionTHE MLE® formulation and Ceramide-9S™, similar to the skin lipids, enhance the pregnancy-sensitive body skin barrier, alleviate the itching caused by drying, and help lessen the red lines caused by..


[BENTON] Shea Butter & Coconut Body Lotion - 250ml Sale
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20% off

[BENTON] Shea Butter & Coconut Body Lotion - 250ml

Shea Butter & Coconut Body Lotion'Product DescriptionBenton Shea Butter and Coconut Body Lotion is a naturally derived body lotion made with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and 5-Hyaluronic Acid Complex. The body lotion helps to keep skin soft and silky wi..


[BONYE] Moringa Body Oil - 150ml

Moringa Body Oil'Product DescriptionSince the body oil forms a self-shield of skin keep your skin from bad stuffs outside.Natural oils that are full of nutrients bring about your skin moist and glossy.Body oil which is set with MoringaNot only does M..


[DABO] Slimming Hot Gel - 200g Sale
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72% off

[DABO] Slimming Hot Gel - 200g

Slimming Hot Gel'Product DescriptionDABO Slimming Hot Gel puts the body wastes, the sweat and the hominess out of your body without any stimulation by supplying the heating of capsaicin ingredients of pepper when you massage.Also, it helps to make th..


[DAEJEON TOP] Gold Insam(Ginseng) Health Patch - 1Pack (25ea)

Gold Insam(Ginseng) Health Patch'Product DescriptionA health improving patch infused with Korean ginseng. Convenient health pad that can be closely attached to joints with discomfort. Easy to use anywhere before and after exercise like climbing, fish..


[DAYCELL] Let's Slim Cream - 180ml Sale
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76% off

[DAYCELL] Let's Slim Cream - 180ml

Let's Slim Cream'Product DescriptionHot burning cream typeMaximizes the effect of massage through stimulation and relaxation.'How to useUse a small amount of Body Slimming Cream. Massage on body in circles to help absorption.Or selectively spread and..


[DERMA:B] CeraMD Repair Cream - 430ml Sale
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51% off

[DERMA:B] CeraMD Repair Cream - 430ml

CeraMD Repair Cream'Product DescriptionSoothing and moisturizing derma cream that relieves itchiness caused by extreme dryness.'How to useApply an appropriate amount and gently massage onto clean, dry skin.'Capacity - 430ml..


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