(23 YEARS OLD) Badecasil P - 50g

(23 YEARS OLD) Badecasil P - 50g

(23 YEARS OLD) Badecasil P - 50g

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(23 YEARS OLD) Badecasil P - 50g

Badecasil P

'Product Description

Badecasil P is a night exfoliation cream
that gently melts down your dead skin over night and delivers a way softer skin in the morning.

It was chosen in 2018 as the No. 1 acne cream at Brand Loyalty Award
and was ranked top 7 skincare cream at Olive Young in 2017,
which the most famous H&B store chain in South Korea.

Badecasil itself became more faoums than its brand name,
and was introduced to the 7th version of it as it anually renewals
its cream following after customer's diverse demand and request.
It is registered in CFDA and MiddleEast MOH for distribution as well as JFDA too.

'How to use

1. After cleansing, apply an adequate amount of the cream gently over the face.
2. For the first month, recommend to use three times a week.
Once adapted, you may use this cream every night.
*Temporary skin stinging may be observed but it is a favorable stimulation to skin.
*You may feel a sour smell due to Active acid included.

'Capacity - 50g

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