(3W8L) Moisture Calming Clear Pad - 210g (70pads)

(3W8L) Moisture Calming Clear Pad - 210g (70pads)

(3W8L) Moisture Calming Clear Pad - 210g (70pads)

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(3W8L) Moisture Calming Clear Pad - 210g (70pads)

Moisture Calming Clear Pad

'Product Description

1st GRADE UNBLEACHED PURE COTTON PADS exfoliate dead skin cells and remove impurities without skin irritation with a soft and flexible fiber structure without chemical adhesives that cause skin troubles

SKIN CLEANSING, before the moisture supply. It is hard to supply nutrients and carry on with skincare if not only sebum but also dead skin cells are accumulated. Removing dead skin cells and impurities that occur daily by smoothing skin texture with a hypoallergenic product helps the skin breathe

SIMULTANEOUS MOISTURIZING INSIDE & OUTSIDE : Wiping your skin off with a pad leaves a rich moisturizing feeling and fresh finish without stickiness, just like applying an ampoule

THE BALLOON VINE, nicknamed Love in a puff (Love in a bubble) because of the white heart pattern on its black berries, is a gift from nature for those with skin troubles. It contains phytosterol and saponin, so it provides skin soothing and vital energy

FRANCE EVE VEGAN CERTIFIED : No animal testing, no animal-derived ingredients, free of paraben, EVE VEGAN-certified energy active face serum is safe for use even on sensitive skin

'How to use

1. After cleansing, wipe the pad lightly from the inside to the outside of the face.
2. Exfoliation and improving skin texture help smoothen the skin before applying makeup.

'Capacity - 210g (70pads)

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