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(&HONEY) Silky Smooth Moist Treatment - 100ml

Silky Smooth Moist Treatment'Product DescriptionViCREA's &honey series is the most popular honey-based cosmetic brand in Japan. This is the third installation in the &honey Silky Smooth Moisture series.The brand concept is "Moisturizing Organic Beaut..


(107) Hair & Scalp Hydrating Microbiome Treatment - 180ml

Hair & Scalp Hydrating Microbiome Treatment'Product DescriptionOur hydrating hair treatment conditioner is formulated with our exclusive 7-year aged vinegar, caffeine, biotin, panthenol and microbiome-targeting ingredients to help soothe and hydrate ..


(AMOS PROFESSIONAL) 02 Scalp Nourish The Green Tea Scalp Essential Tonic - 80ml

02 Scalp Nourish The Green Tea Scalp Essential Tonic'Product DescriptionSILICONE FREE nourishing tonic for scalp and hair that has been weakened by stress, relieves hair loss symptoms and improves a scalp environment. Refreshing finish with no residu..


(AMOS PROFESSIONAL) 02 Scalp Nourish The Green Tea Smoothing Pack - 250ml

02 Scalp Nourish The Green Tea Smoothing Pack'Product DescriptionProfessional hair loss care pack for scalp and hair weakened by stress Contains a total of 1,100 ppm of green tea water and green tea extract for healthy scalp care.The cream formulatio..


(AMOS PROFESSIONAL) 05 Repair Damage Repair Cica Ampoule Treatment - 230ml

05 Repair Damage Repair Cica Ampoule Treatment'Product DescriptionCica protein treatment* that cares for the tangles and softness of damaged hairThe cica ampoule treatment presented this time is a protein treatment for hair damaged due to frequent dy..


(AMOS PROFESSIONAL) 05 Repair Damage Repair Cica Protein Intensive Cream - 150ml

05 Repair Damage Repair Cica Protein Intensive Cream'Product DescriptionA salon-specialized clinic at home. Cica Protein Cream to Protect Damaged Hair Strongly and Smoothly. Cica protein and 10% collagen to nourish damaged hair to improve condition.A..


(AMOS PROFESSIONAL) 05 Repair Damage Repair Cica Treatment - 200ml

05 Repair Damage Repair Cica Treatment'Product DescriptionHome care treatment that repairs damaged hair, strengthens and smoothens it as if it was taken care of in the salon. Contains a protein complex which improves the tensile strength of the hairR..


(APIEU) Raspberry Hair Vinegar - 200ml Sale
26% off
26% off

(APIEU) Raspberry Hair Vinegar - 200ml

Raspberry Hair Vinegar'Product DescriptionThe A'pieu Raspberry Hair Vinger contains raspberry extract and is meant to soften and nourish hair that feels rough.The enriched vinegar solution leaves the hair radiant and silky as it cleanses and exfoliat..


(AROMATICA) Rosemary Root Enhancer - 100ml Sale
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11% off

(AROMATICA) Rosemary Root Enhancer - 100ml

Rosemary Root Enhancer'Product DescriptionThis scalp nourishing tonic is sprayed and absorbed directly on the scalp for a firm, youthful scalp.'How to useShake the bottle before use.Spray onto scalp on the entire or concerned area.Massage with finger..


(ATOMY) Herbal Hair Conditioner - 500ml

Herbal Hair Conditioner'Product DescriptionMakes hair ultra soft and shiny by enriching and moisturizing it from the inside out.Atomy Herbal Hair Conditioner also treats hair with a specialized silicon compound that coats the hair, giving it a sprigh..


(ATOPALM) Moisturizing Multi Oil - 100ml Sale
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35% off

(ATOPALM) Moisturizing Multi Oil - 100ml

Moisturizing Multi Oil'Product DescriptionMulti oil that provides perfect nutrition from head to toe.Mild oil containing 0% petroleum-based synthetic oil, 99.9% natural origin.Provides rich moisture and nutrition for moist and healthy skin care.Non-g..


(AYUNCHE) Rebalancing Mask - 200ml Sale
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5% off

(AYUNCHE) Rebalancing Mask - 200ml

Rebalancing Mask'Product DescriptionHair treatment to relieve hair loss and improve scalp environment.Powerless hair. Shampoo for unstable scalp balance. - Abatement of hair loss symptoms - Sebum Balancing Care - Weak hair'How to useUse it once a day..


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