(ONE THING) Jojoba Golden Organic Oil - 30ml

(ONE THING) Jojoba Golden Organic Oil - 30ml

(ONE THING) Jojoba Golden Organic Oil - 30ml

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(ONE THING) Jojoba Golden Organic Oil - 30ml

Jojoba Golden Organic Oil

'Product Description

Organic Jojoba Oil is rich in Vitamin E and has a high penetrating capability
to reduce moisture loss and make your skin shining and soft.
As an ingredient is very similar to the sebum of the human body, it is excellent in curing weakened skin.

POINT 1. Helps restore skin barrier and control moisture loss
- Jojoba oil has a molecular structure similar to skin sebum tissue, which can replace weakened skin tissue.
The wax ester, the main ingredient of jojoba oil, absorbs skin well and moisturizes
well, so it is used as a cosmetic material such as lotion, moisturizer, shampoo, and conditioner.

POINT 2. Helps improve sebum control function
- Remove wastes from pores and prevent dryness, and oil and moisture balance of troubled skin.

POINT 3. Pregnant women, babies can use
- Chemical-free additives, 100% vegetable oil

'How to use

1. Skin Nutrition + Moisture
After washing your face, apply 2~3 drops of Jojoba oil on your skin.
Mix 2~3 drops of Jojoba oil with moisture cream, lotion, essence, etc.
Apply 2~3 drops at the last step of skincare as if you are coating.

2. Moisturizing Mist
ONE THING Extract 100ml + Jojoba Oil 10 drops
(First step after washing your face, can use from time to time)

3. Deep Cleansing
On days when your skin is sensitive, clean it with jojoba oil instead of cleansing oil.
It is also good for removing blackheads and whiteheads.

4. For Glossy Hair
Jojoba oil is helpful for hair nutrition management by taking a suitable volume of oil on your hand
and applying it directly to your hair or mixing it with treatment.

'Capacity - 30ml

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