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(AMPLE:N) VC Shot Ampoule - 30ml Sale
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28% off

(AMPLE:N) VC Shot Ampoule - 30ml

VC Shot Ampoule'Product DescriptionDermatological ampoule scientifically prescribed with Niacinamide, Vitamin C derivatives, and multi-vitamins.'How to useTake proper amount on the stage after toner, and apply thoroughly on the entire face as if mass..


(APERIRE) Super Origin Re-Birth Root Ampoule - 30ml Sale
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38% off

(APERIRE) Super Origin Re-Birth Root Ampoule - 30ml

Super Origin Re-Birth Root Ampoule'Product DescriptionA soothing ampoule infused with 85% Centella Asiatica Extract, as well as 92% Panthenol, to soothe and hydrate troubled skin.Formulated with Root Cureflex (Yams Root, Lotus Root, Taro, Saururus Ch..


(APERIRE) Vitality Shine True Up Vitamin Ampoule - 30ml Sale
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10% off

(APERIRE) Vitality Shine True Up Vitamin Ampoule - 30ml

Vitality Shine True Up Vitamin Ampoule'Product DescriptionFormulated with 10 kinds of Vitamin C to treat hyperpigmentation, restore skin elasticity and strengthen skin barrier.Contains 5 kinds of peptide to increase skin elasticity and treat differen..


(APIEU) Madecassoside Ampoule 2X - 30ml Sale
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20% off

(APIEU) Madecassoside Ampoule 2X - 30ml

Madecassoside Ampoule 2X'Product DescriptionSoothing ampoule formulated with madecassoside. Enriched with concentrated centella asiatica and madecassoside, this ampoule specialize in soothing and damage care. The concentrated water ampoule formula ab..


(ATOMY) Absolute CellActive Ampoule - 40ml Sale
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10% off

(ATOMY) Absolute CellActive Ampoule - 40ml

Absolute CellActive Ampoule'Product Description1. Anti-aging on a different levelA high-efficiency all-purpose ampoule that not only cares for future aging, but also restores advanced aging. 2. Radiant skin quickly regained with CellActive’s unique t..


(ATOMY) Absolute CellActive Serum - 50ml Sale
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10% off

(ATOMY) Absolute CellActive Serum - 50ml

Absolute CellActive Serum'Product Description1. Firm and strong skin every dayA premium, highly concentrated serum that intensively strengthens internal elasticity by penetrating deep into the skin with micronized oil and water-soluble ingredients. 2..


(ATOMY) Absolute Snow Dark Spot Corrector - 9.5ml

Absolute Snow Dark Spot Corrector'Product Description1. Only the area of concern! High adhesion spot care cream ampouleIt penetrates the pigmented area strongly and makes the skin flawless and bright. 2. Active emulsion stabilization technology that ..


(ATOMY) Absolute Snow Serum - 50ml

Absolute Snow Serum'Product Description1. Brighten the skin as if a fire was turned onThe moisture-collecting texture filled with whitening ingredients firmly fills the skin barrier to brighten dull skin. 2. Smart oil-moisture balance formula suitabl..


(ATOMY) Acne Clear Serum - 40ml

Acne Clear Serum'Product Description1. Clean even traces of the past!6 types of skin soothing ingredients take care of trouble marks and soothe sensitive skin comfortably. 2. Skin radiance that restores the lost oil-moisture balanceUseful ingredients..


(ATOMY) Acne Clear Spot Solution - 40ml

Acne Clear Spot Solution'Product Description1. Tap the trouble area!Intensive care for sebum and blackheads that cause inflammation, and brightens dull skin. 2. Contains more than 80% of natural ingredientsMushroom extract + orange oil + the color an..


(ATOMY) Again Serum - 40ml

Again Serum'Product Description1. 9 types of organic raw herb extracts that provide soothing, self-renewing and moisturizing feeling 2. Contains 2 types of patented ingredients that provide nutrition and vitalitySoothing, moisturizing, nourishing and..


(ATOMY) Derma Real Cica Ampoule - 40ml

Derma Real Cica Ampoule'Product Description1. Excellent skin soothing and nutrition supply with key ingredients for skin recoveryA variety of nutrients that help skin regenerate are gently absorbed into the skin without irritation. 2. Daily soothing ..


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