(ATOMY) 7 Solutions Gel Mask - 1Pack (25g x 14ea)

(ATOMY) 7 Solutions Gel Mask - 1Pack (25g x 14ea)

(ATOMY) 7 Solutions Gel Mask - 1Pack (25g x 14ea)

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(ATOMY) 7 Solutions Gel Mask - 1Pack (25g x 14ea)

7 Solutions Gel Mask

'Product Description

1. Hydrogel sheet adheres tightly without any gaps
It is a material made by concentrating essence into a semi-solid form
and has a better delivery of active ingredients than ordinary non-woven sheets, providing excellent moisturizing feeling.

2. 7 kinds of herbal water that moisturizes the skin
All-in-one care from whitening to wrinkles!

3. Retains the function of fresh raw materials
This technology extracts high concentration and high content of active ingredients
by processing fresh herbs collected on the same day, delivering the vitality of living herbs to the skin.

4. Contains various active ingredients that add nutrition to the skin
Hyaluronic acid, collagen, centella asiatica extract, multivitamin,
quercetin, silk amino acid, adenosine, niacinamide, rice bran oil

5. Provides a refreshing and soothing feeling to skin tired from external stimulation
If you store the mask in the refrigerator for a while before using it, it will relax your skin with a cooler, moisturizing feeling.

'How to use

1. After washing your face, smooth out your skin texture with toner soaked in a cotton pad.
2. Open this product and remove the film on both sides of the mask, separated from the top and bottom of the face.
3. Gently apply from the bottom of the face to the mouth so
that the side from which the opaque film was removed adheres well to the skin.
In the same way, gently attach the mask to the upper part of the face, centered around the eyes.
4. After about 30 minutes, remove the mask and pat the remaining contents on the skin for absorption.
Finish with lotion or cream depending on your skin condition.

'Capacity - 25g x 14ea

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