(SO NATURAL) Red Peel Tingle Pads - 155ml (50pads)

(SO NATURAL) Red Peel Tingle Pads - 155ml (50pads)

(SO NATURAL) Red Peel Tingle Pads - 155ml (50pads)

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(SO NATURAL) Red Peel Tingle Pads - 155ml (50pads)

Red Peel Tingle Pads

'Product Description

1. Complete smooth coated skin by using twice a week.
2. Exfoliation & pore care & moisturizing membrane coating.
3. Removes sebum and wastes in the pores and cleans them with smooth skin as if coated.
4. Consists of a big embossed surface for exfoliation and a smooth surface for trimming skin.
5. Moisturizing transparent film is coated and cares for smooth glowing skin without drying.

'How to use

After washing, use the embossing side of the pad
to gently massage your face in a circular motion moving across the face except the eyes and mouth.
Wash your face again using the smooth side of the pad to clean and improve skin texture.
Gently pat the remaining toner on your skin for absorption.

* It may irritate your skin, so avoid using it around your eyes.
* There are individual differences in stinging phenomena, so please use a small amount when using it for the first time.
* Make sure to use sunscreen when you go out after using.
* Use it once or twice a week.

'Capacity - 155ml (50pads)

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